Exploring the Veda Course

The Veda is the body of knowledge which is the source of meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, and ultimately all Eastern philosophy. This vast, ancient knowledge system contains many practical applications that support a higher quality of life.

Exploring the Veda is a series of six recorded seminars given by preeminent master-teacher Thom Knoles (Maharishi Vyasananda Saraswati). Thom is recognized as one of the world's foremost teachers of the Veda's meaning and application. The knowledge gained during this course will expand one's consciousness and facilitate the integration of Vedic wisdom into daily modern life.

The course is taught in a weekend urban retreat format at The Spring. The weekend involves listening to Thom's recorded lectures, participating in Q&A to enhance and refine comprehension of the knowledge, learning new meditation techniques, and enjoying tea and snacks with other Vedic meditators.

Each of the of the six Exploring the Veda courses may be taken individually, with no obligation to complete all six. However, the course must be completed in sequential order, as the content of each seminar builds on the previous ones.

Prerequisites: Completion of the 4-day Vedic Meditation course and rounding instruction are required in order to participate in Exploring the Veda.

For more information, email info@thespringmeditation.com.