Want ongoing support and conscious community?


Come to The Spring for a group dive.

Group Meditations are free and open to all graduates of the 4-Day Vedic Meditation or Transcendental Meditation® course. Each session, led by one of The Spring's teachers, is an opportunity to ask questions, hear more Vedic knowledge, and meditate in a group.

Whether or not you've been meditating regularly, Group Meditation is a great way to connect with other meditators and deepen your practice. 

Scheduling: Group Meditations are held twice a week: Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 5:00pm.


Student experiences

"Clarity, focus, and balance."

Vedic Meditation brought clarity, focus and balance to my life. I became self-aware and began to really live in the present. I gained the strength to walk away from things that no longer fulfilled me. I found my stress and anxiety beginning to slowly dissipate. I am constantly discovering new qualities within myself.

— Jasmin, Manhattan

"I'm a better thinker."

I've noticed that I’m a better thinker. I approach things more rationally, more thoughtfully, and more calmly. And when I think about everything I’ve done, tried, been open to, and said “no way” to since I learned to meditate, the change in my life is bigger and better than any overnight revelation might have been. 

- Caitlin, Manhattan

"More calm observation."

Vedic Meditation has helped me achieve a new perspective, one of more calm observation. I can more clearly identify what I want and more assertively express myself to achieve those goals. I'm very grateful for learning Vedic Meditation and for the benefits it continues to bring me.

— Michael, Manhattan