Want to deepen your practice?

Come to The Spring for a group dive.

WHAT: Group meditation is free and open to all graduates of the 4-Day Vedic Meditation (VM) or Transcendental Meditation® (TM) course. Each session, led by one of The Spring's teachers, is an opportunity to ask questions, hear more Vedic knowledge, and meditate in a group. Whether or not you've been meditating regularly, group meditation is a great way to connect with others and deepen your practice. 

WHEN: Group meditations are held two times a week: Thursdays at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 5:00 pm. 

WHERE: The Spring is located in West Soho, at 145 6th Avenue, Studio 6E (between Dominick and Spring).


Student experiences

"Clarity, focus, and balance."

Vedic Meditation brought clarity, focus and balance to my life. I became self-aware and began to really live in the present. I gained the strength to walk away from things that no longer fulfilled me. I found my stress and anxiety beginning to slowly dissipate. I am constantly discovering new qualities within myself.

— Jasmin, Manhattan

"I'm a better thinker."                 

I've noticed that I’m a better thinker. I approach things more rationally, more thoughtfully, and more calmly. And when I think about everything I’ve done, tried, been open to, and said “no way” to since I learned to meditate, the change in my life is bigger and better than any overnight revelation might have been. 

- Caitlin, Manhattan

"More calm observation."

Vedic Meditation has helped me achieve a new perspective, one of more calm observation. I can more clearly identify what I want and more assertively express myself to achieve those goals. I'm very grateful for learning Vedic Meditation and for the benefits it continues to bring me.

— Michael, Manhattan