We are a collective of master-trained teachers of Vedic Meditation who have created a space for New York’s growing community of meditators.

We founded The Spring in 2017 along with fellow teachers Ben Turshen, Hunter Cressman, and Susan Chen. We're incredibly grateful for the contributions and support of all our founders, and we love having them join us from time to time to teach Vedic Meditation and host Group Meditations.


Arden Martin

Arden learned to meditate while working as an elementary school teacher in Harlem. Her days were long, demanding, and turbulent, and the practice allowed her to stay calm in the chaos.

Since learning to meditate, Arden has experienced more self-love, confidence, and clarity than she ever thought possible. After decades of sinus issues, hormonal imbalances, and trouble sleeping, Arden's physical health is also better than ever.

Although her life always seemed good on the outside, meditation has empowered her to thrive on the inside. Arden teaches Vedic Meditation to help others uncover their best selves.

πŸ“² arden@thespringmeditation.com

Maya Kumits

Maya learned to meditate while working as the Chief Technical Officer of an early stage startup. Not only did Vedic Meditation keep her stress levels at bay in a chaotic, fast-paced environment, it also improved her life in unexpected ways outside of work. She became a meditation teacher to share this amazing technique with others. Although she still works in tech (her first love), she feels most alive helping others stress less, enjoy life more, and realize their fullest potential.

Born with a kinetic body, Maya is always on the move. You'll find her climbing rocks and aerial silks, balancing on her hands, and biking all over the city. She lives in NYC with her two tween-aged daughters.

πŸ“² maya@thespringmeditation.com

Rick Little

Rick was introduced to Vedic Meditation in 2010 while living the fast-paced and demanding life of a senior executive at a high-profile NYC non-profit. The demands of his work were beginning to take their toll, and he was excited to find a practice that made him feel more energized, creative, and fulfilled in every aspect of his life.

Rick is a longtime practitioner of yoga and a certified Vinyasa teacher. After learning Vedic Meditation, he discovered that the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits he received from his asana practice were also available each time he meditated. Two years into his Vedic Meditation practice, Rick was inspired to become a teacher in order to share this powerful practice and its life-changing benefits with others. He now teaches full-time and is honored to spend his days helping students along this transformational path.

πŸ“² rick@thespringmeditation.com


We believe that a better world begins with the individual. To that end, we're passionate about sharing the technique that has been personally transformative for each of us.

Whether you're new to meditation or have practiced for years, we're here for you.
Whether you seek meditation out of curiosity or need, we're here for you.
Whether you wish to feel better, work smarter, or simply enjoy life more, we're here for you.

We're committed to providing the highest-quality instruction, connecting you with other meditators, and guiding you on your journey.

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