Vedic Meditation is a simple mental technique.


Vedic Meditation is easy.

If you can think, you can meditate. There’s no need to sit in a fancy pose or try to “quiet the mind.” Vedic Meditation is designed for active, modern people, and it’s easy to fit into busy schedules. We sit comfortably, close the eyes, and silently use a specific sound (or mantra) to settle into a state of deep rest. Through this process, we awaken the full potential of the mind and restore balance in the body.

Vedic Meditation is restful.

Vedic Meditation allows us to dive deep below the surface of the mind’s activity and access the quiet, unbounded place that lies beyond our day-to-day thoughts and concerns. We release accumulated stress, fatigue, and tension in this state of wakeful rest. After meditating, we feel clear, calm, and ready to tackle life’s demands. 

Vedic Meditation is rewarding.

Reducing accumulated stress in the body helps us perform at the top of our game, think more creatively, overcome our fears, and feel happier. With regular practice of Vedic Meditation, people find that their energy levels increase and they can be present and productive with less effort. Work, play, and relationships are infinitely more rewarding as a result.

There is also great reward in the diverse, ever-growing community of Vedic meditators in New York City and beyond. Those who learn Vedic Meditation are welcome to enjoy The Spring's various offerings, the support of its teachers, and the value of its community. 

Want to learn more?


STEP 1: Attend a free Intro Talk

The Intro Talk is a free lecture and Q&A session. You'll learn how meditation dissolves stress and optimizes well-being, and how Vedic Meditation differs from other forms of meditation and relaxation.

No meditation experience is necessary. This is an opportunity to meet one of The Spring’s teachers, learn something new, and get your questions answered. 


STEP 2: Take the 4-Day course

During the course, you’ll practice the technique each day and gain a comprehensive understanding of how the technique works. You’ll also learn the mechanics of stress and what’s happening in the mind and body while you meditate to release stress.

By the end of the course, you'll be set up to maintain a successful daily practice that fits with your schedule.


STEP 3: Enjoy free follow-up

After completing the course, you'll have lifetime access to group meditations within our worldwide community. You can also re-take the course, check in with teachers about your practice, and learn advanced techniques. 

There are countless opportunities to continue learning about meditation and Vedic knowledge as a 4-Day course graduate.


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Student experiences

"Letting go of what I can't control."

After learning to meditate, I’m much calmer and more patient. Meditating twice a day has helped me see that the world is bigger and more nuanced. There are things we can control and things we can’t. Regular meditation has allowed me to let go of the latter and concentrate on what I can do to enhance my life rather than continue to sabotage it. 

— Shawn, Brooklyn

"Permission to stop thinking."

I've always been prone to overthinking. When I took up running years ago, I assumed I'd be using the time to "clear my head." I love running, but it definitely didn't have the calming effect I anticipated. It wasn't until I learned meditation that I gained the ability to quiet my mind. For twenty minutes, twice a day, I give myself permission to stop thinking - and the benefits carry over into the rest of my day. 

— Kate, Brooklyn