If you’ve been meditating consistently for a year or longer, you may be eligible to learn an Advanced Technique.

An Advanced Technique will accelerate the benefits of meditation and help integrate the bliss from your deepest meditations into every moment of your waking state.

An Advanced Technique is designed to take one’s awareness to the layer of awareness between thinking and pure consciousness. This may involve learning a more advanced version of your existing mantra or learning a more advanced method of using the mantra you have already received. The Advanced Technique is customized for each meditator based on their needs and state of consciousness.

Scheduling: Advanced Technique courses are taught over two consecutive days, 90 minutes per day. We offer them once a month.


Rates per person

$450 or 3 monthly payments of $150

Student experiences

"A calmness I never had before."

"As a new Vedic meditator, I'm already experiencing the advantages. It has enabled me to face challenging situations with a calmness I never had before. I'm more accepting of myself and therefore of others. I know that everyone can benefit from this practice."

— Fran, Manhattan

"A different perspective."

I came to Vedic Meditation while struggling with depression. Since I started this practice, my depression is gone. Even though everything around me is the same, I am now able to see things from a different perspective. 

- Jessica, Manhattan

"A mind that doesn't race."

Thanks to daily meditation, I now sleep soundly through the night. My focus is sharper, and my mind doesn't race with a jumble of thoughts. Most importantly, a sense of calm stays with me no matter what happens during my day. 

— Liz, Queens