Ready to learn?


Vedic Meditation courses run for four consecutive days, 90 minutes per day. 

Why? Our aim is to make you a self-sufficient meditator. That means you can take your practice anywhere without needing apps, recordings, or a drop-in studio to meditate.

All four sessions are mandatory because each day's curriculum builds on the previous day. Session One is taught one-on-one whenever possible, and the following three sessions are taught in small groups.

During the course, we teach you:                                                        

  •  The mechanics of the technique so you can practice on your own

  •  What happens in the mind and body during meditation to release stress

  •  How to fit meditation into busy schedules

Your technique is checked and refined each day, and we ensure that you fully understand your experiences. After completing the course, you'll have enough practical experience and theoretical understanding to be a self-sufficient meditator.

After the course, you'll be ready to continue a successful daily practice and enjoy unlimited follow-up and group meditations around the world.

Scheduling: New courses begin every Monday and Friday, with the exception of some holidays. Course sessions are generally held at 6:30pm on weekdays and 10:30am on weekends. Some teachers also offer mid-morning weekday sessions, which are indicated on our calendar.


Rates per person

Adults*: $990 or 10 monthly payments of $99

Full-time students (proof of enrollment required): $450 or 10 monthly payments of $45

Teens (age 12-18): $360 or 10 monthly payments of $36

Children (age 4-11): free

Volunteer Service: A student may contribute volunteer hours to cover all or part of the course fee. More information here.

*Friends & Family Discount: Sign up with a friend or family member and you'll both receive $100 off the Adult course fee. This discount applies to both one-time payments and monthly installment options. When making your course fee payment, enter the name of the friend or family member who'll be learning with you and the coupon code LEARN2GETHER.

The one-time course fee gets you a lifetime technique and lifetime support. Once you complete the course, you may repeat the course as a refresher, attend knowledge meetings and group meditations, and have continued access to your teacher at no additional cost. 





Student experiences

“A calmness I never had before.”

As a new Vedic meditator, I'm already experiencing the advantages. It has enabled me to face challenging situations with a calmness I never had before. I'm more accepting of myself and therefore of others. I know that everyone can benefit from this practice.

— Fran, Manhattan

A different perspective.

I came to Vedic Meditation while struggling with depression. Since I started this practice, my depression is gone. Even though everything around me is the same, I am now able to see things from a different perspective.

- Jessica, Manhattan

A mind that doesn't race.

Thanks to daily meditation, I now sleep soundly through the night. My focus is sharper, and my mind doesn't race with a jumble of thoughts. Most importantly, a sense of calm stays with me no matter what happens during my day. 

— Liz, Queens