8 Questions with Jackie Simek

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Jackie is a Vedic meditator and mindset coach who helps people release mental and emotional blocks through EFT tapping.

1. Favorite wellness beverage? I use a Berkey Filtering System to clean the water in my 100+ year old apartment in the West Village. Not only does strip EVERYTHING out of the water so it tastes pure, it also saves me from carrying gallons of water up the 5 fights of stairs.

2. Favorite place in NYC? I grew up near water, so being near the Hudson makes me feel grounded. Nothing beats a walk along the river or joining the events happening all summer (check out Hudson River Park website).

3. Describe your work in one sentence. I guide people to heal and release past experiences, limiting beliefs, and anxiety so they can embody and live in alignment with their higher self.

4. Describe your personal transformation over the past few years in one sentence. Awareness, healing, implementation, repeat.

5. Tell us something about tapping (or EFT) that most people don’t know.It’s not ‘woo-woo’ — there is real science behind it. Over 100+ studies prove its effectiveness. Several show that tapping provides quicker, longer-lasting results that gold standard approaches (like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and medication) to treat anxiety and depression.

6. What is something you do daily to care for yourself? I have a daily gratitude practice that starts in the morning with saying “thank you” when my feet hit the floor, and ends in the evening with listing 10 things in my journal that I’m grateful for from that day.

7. How do you stay productive and efficient with your work flow? I use tapping! Procrastination is an emotional issue, not a strategic one. Tapping helps to reduce any emotional blocks or beliefs that are keeping me stuck.

8. How has Vedic Meditation impacted your life? Right away I started to sleep better, including no more Sunday night scaries staring at my ceiling. Over time, I’ve become “sober-ish” because I started to notice the depressive impact of alcohol in my body. I also don’t feel the need or desire to check out. Life is awesome and I want to be awake for all of it!

Thanks for the inspiration, Jackie!

You can connect with Jackie at jackiesimek.com and on Instagram @jackiesimek.

Arden Martin