8 Questions with Jackie Simek

Jackie is a mindset coach who helps people release mental and emotional blocks through EFT tapping. Read on to learn how she beats procrastination, practices gratitude, and helps others do the same.

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Arden Martin
Ayurvedic Kitchari Recipe

Kitchari is a balancing staple food of Ayurveda. It’s a neutral, light, and soft food, that’s highly nourishing and easy to digest. Here’s a super simple one-pot recipe that’s made in a rice cooker!

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Maya Kumits
Why Not Give Easy A Try?

There is a lie we’re all told early on: the more you do, the better. We grow up thinking that we have to do more and more in order to be worthy of the lives we want. Achievement is sold to us at a premium. Many of us work to the point of exhaustion because we think that achievement is inherently hard. I say, why not give easy a try?

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