I tried meditation once, but I couldn’t do it — I guess I’m not a “meditation person.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


What do all these things have in common?

1. Reading
2. Driving a car
3. Swimming
4. Arithmetic
5. Riding a bike
6. Using a toilet
7. Walking
8. Feeding ourselves
9. Bathing
10. Sleeping through the night

They’re all basic and essential life skills that we, as adults, perform regularly without much thought. For most of us, these skills are now ingrained and fairly automatic.

And yet, if we think back, our family and/or our teachers actually spent a fair amount of time and energy teaching us how to do these things correctly and effectively — none of us tried reading once and then decided we weren’t a “reading person” because we didn’t instinctively know how do it.

Another basic and essential life skill I’d add to this list is meditation.

However, I often encounter people who tell me they aren’t a “meditation person” because they tried it once and couldn’t do it. As if somehow we’re all supposed to instinctively know how to meditate.

Meditation is absolutely natural, and people have been doing it for thousands of years. But — just like all those other skills — it needs to be taught and learned in order to be done correctly and effectively.

So don’t let the fact that you haven’t been taught how to meditate lead you to believe you’re incapable of doing it. You didn’t let the fact that you hadn’t learned to drive lead you to believe that you were incapable of driving.

And, fortunately, meditation can be learned much more quickly than those other skills, and it gets easier and easier the more you do it.

One of our greatest joys as meditation teachers is showing people that they can meditate — and that it’s effortless, enjoyable, and effective.

If you carve out a little time to learn a simple meditation technique (we’ll teach you in four 90-minute sessions) and then establish a daily, self-sufficient practice, you’ll wonder how you lived without it all those years.

So don’t delay any further the process of realizing, experiencing, and sharing your greatest potential with the world — drop me a line or come to a free intro talk at The Spring.