Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation is an effortless, enjoyable, and easy form of meditation, which provides proven and profound benefits. It’s practiced sitting comfortably with the eyes closed while gently thinking a specific sound, or mantra, to naturally settle the mind and body into a state of deep rest. It can be learned by anyone and practiced self-sufficiently forever.

Following meditation, the mind is calmer, clearer, and more alert. With regular meditation, people find their energy levels increase and they can achieve more with less effort. As a result, work, play, and relationships are easier and more rewarding.

Vedic Meditation Course

In the four-day Vedic Meditation Course, you’ll learn this simple technique at our serene studio space in SoHo. You’ll receive your personal mantra and four 90-minute sessions of masterful instruction to become a self-sufficient, daily meditator. We’ll show you how to actualize your full potential by giving you a meditation practice you can take with you for life – you’ll learn how to successfully meditate anywhere without needing apps, recordings, or a drop-in studio.

During the course, we will teach you:

  • The mechanics of the technique so you can practice on your own

  • What happens in the mind and body during meditation to release stress

  • How to fit meditation into your busy schedule

After completing the course, you’ll have enough practical experience and intellectual understanding to be a fully self-sufficient meditator. You’ll be ready to continue a successful daily practice and enjoy unlimited follow-up and Group Meditations with the Vedic Meditation community worldwide.

The one-time course fee gets you a lifetime technique and lifetime support. Once you complete the course, you may repeat the course as a refresher, attend knowledge meetings and group meditations, and have continued access to your teacher at no additional cost.

Rates per person
Adults*:  $990 or 10 monthly payments of $99
Full-time students**:  $450 or 10 monthly payments of $45
Teens (age 12-18):  $360 or 10 monthly payments of $36
Children (age 4-11):  free

Volunteer service: Volunteer service may be used to cover all or part of the course fee.

*Friends & Family Rate: Sign up with a friend or family member and you'll both receive $100 off the Adult course fee
**Proof of enrollment required