NYC Meditates: a day in the life with Celia Babini


Celia Babini is super-sweet, multi-talented, gracious, humble, and…she’s currently a contestant on NBC’s The Voice! Read on to see how this atypical New Yorker and Vedic Meditator spends a typical day.

Neighborhood of residence: Soho

Occupation: student/singer/songwriter

What does your morning meditation look like?

Typically, I wake up about 20 minutes earlier than I need to. I normally do my Vedic Meditation, but sometimes when I am really feeling unaligned I will do a Chakra clearing sound meditation. I always set an intention for the day, express gratitude for my life and the present moment, and then begin.

How do you spend a typical day?

I am a senior in high school, so I’m in school for a large majority of the day. During my free time, I am working on my career. I love writing music, journaling, and practicing self-improvement. I try to exercise and spend some time in nature every day, which is hard because I live in NYC!

What does your afternoon/evening meditation look like?

My evening meditations are very similar to my morning ones except they are more reflective. My whole evening itself is a form of meditation. I do Yoga, along with chanting sometimes. I end my night with a meditation and then I fall asleep listening to affirmations.

How do you spend your evening?

Typically writing music, listening to podcasts, meditating, basically anything to de-stress. Although I am only 17 years old, I have a lot of trouble going out and partying. I am very spiritual and I most enjoy spending my time playing music and just working on myself. I would much rather watch a movie about alternative medicine than go out to a random party. I am basically a 100-year-old in an 18-year-olds body!

Thanks for sharing a peek into your life, Celia. You can connect with Celia on Instagram @celiababinimusic and show your support for her on NBC’s The Voice by voting Monday, April 15th via the website or the app.

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