Feeling Anxious Lately?


You’re not alone — it blows my mind how pervasive anxiety has become in Western society. Every other person I talk to seems to deal with anxiety on a regular basis, and I used to be one of them.

There’s no denying that anxiety is increasingly common. Awareness and de-stigmatization are important, but that doesn’t mean anxiety is normal or that you have to live with it. There are powerful solutions out there — real ones, not just bandaids.

I’ve personally tried therapy and all kinds of yoga to ease my anxiety, and nothing has come close to Vedic Meditation in making a lasting difference.

Why? Vedic Meditation is an effective anxiety-busting tool for three reasons:

1. The approach is to “take it as it comes.”

We’re not attached to outcomes, and we learn how to stay effortless in the process — no matter what we’re experiencing. When we practice this effortless approach to meditation daily, it begins to influence our approach to life. We find ourselves going with the flow and taking things as they come outside of meditation as well, without even trying — it’s a natural side effect of the practice.

2. It dissolves stress — for good.

It’s a systematic technique that doesn’t just provide temporary relief, it also removes stress that has been building up in the body over time. In Vedic Meditation, the body rests more deeply than it does during sleep, which allows it to unwind and dissolve accumulated stress. We all know that stress and anxiety go hand in hand; dissolving stress in meditation directly affects the level of anxiety we experience outside of meditation.

3. It’s easy and enjoyable to practice — really!

Because we don’t focus or concentrate in Vedic Meditation, it doesn’t feel rigid or difficult to practice. When we use the technique as instructed, the body and mind settle down quickly to a blissful state of rest. Because this is something we look forward to, it’s an easy habit to maintain over time, and staying consistent yields the best results — with healing anxiety and otherwise.

Now, back to my story…

Over the past few years, Vedic Meditation has had an immediate and lasting impact on my anxiety. Not only does meditation feel amazing while I’m doing it, it has actually made me stop feeling anxious altogether. Do I still worry sometimes? Sure, but I get over it in about five minutes and shift easily back to the now — the best place to be.

My days of anxious thought patterns and behaviors are behind me, and I credit Vedic Meditation with such conviction that I decided to become a teacher and share it with others. I know from personal experience and thousands of hours of study that Vedic Meditation can provide profound relief from anxiety and related disorders.

If this resonates with you, know that you have the right to a more blissful experience — and I’m always reachable if you’re ready to dive in.

Arden Martin