Join our mission to make New York a better city

by learning a simple technique called Vedic Meditation.

Learn how to effortlessly release stress and

increase happiness anywhere, without an app or guide.


The Technique


Vedic Meditation is a simple technique that anyone can learn. We teach busy, active people how to meditate on their own without needing an app or even a quiet mind. 

The Teachers


The Spring’s founders are rigorously-trained teachers of Vedic Meditation. We’re here to provide a high-grade, personalized experience for all who wish to learn.

The Space


Our Soho studio is a place to share knowledge, connect with others, and enjoy deep rest in one of New York's most creative neighborhoods.



"After learning to meditate, I’m much calmer and more patient. Meditating twice a day has helped me see that the world is bigger and more nuanced. There are things we can control and things we can’t. Regular meditation has allowed me to let go of the latter and concentrate on what I can do to enhance my life rather than continue to sabotage it."

— Shawn, Brooklyn