Why Not Give Easy A Try?


There is a lie we’re all told early on: the more you do, the better. We grow up thinking that we have to do more and more in order to be worthy of the lives we want. Achievement is sold to us at a premium. Many of us work to the point of exhaustion because we think that achievement is inherently hard. I say, why not give easy a try? This “more” mentality can be damaging. You’ve
probably heard the aphorism, “work smarter, not harder.” When you are exhausted from working too hard, intuition fails. Creativity fails. All systems fail when they are overworked. If you’re reading this, know there is a simple way to introduce more ease into your life. I have experienced it firsthand.

My story may be similar to yours. I always knew I needed to meditate, but every style of meditation I tried felt difficult. It was uncomfortable for me to sit cross-legged with my back straight. My body would start aching and I couldn’t enjoy what I was doing. I was definitely not feeling that “blissed out” effect meditation was supposed to have on people. Before I found Vedic Meditation, I equated meditation with a Buddhist monk wearing a serene smile on his face no matter the circumstances, beaming an uncomplicated love toward every friend and foe alike. Admittedly, Vedic Meditation does help me smile more. But I don’t look like that Buddhist monk. I look like me. I didn’t have to change anything about who I am in order to meditate successfully.

Vedic Meditation is easy and effortless. You sit comfortably with your back supported. You don’t even need to cross your legs — sitting in a chair is fine. The technique requires no focus or concentration. You basically learn the steps to kick off a natural process. Meditation can be as natural and easy as sleep or digestion. Sleep happens naturally, but you kick off the process by turning off the lights, getting into bed, pulling up the sheets, and closing your eyes. Digestion happens after you put food in your mouth, chew, and swallow. The Vedic Meditation course teaches you the simple steps you need to initiate the natural process of meditation with countless benefits.

I needed to meditate because I was constantly stressed out. I was overwhelmed with a demanding job managing multiple software development teams, raising two small children, and facing the fact that my marriage was failing. I was spread so thin, that when I went to a meditation class and was asked to “do” something like focus or concentrate, I couldn’t. It felt way too effortful. I didn’t have it in me to do anymore because I was already doing too much. After I found Vedic Meditation, I realized I could approach all that is on my plate with much more peace. With this new, easier approach to my workload, life became less of a mountain to climb and more of a path to walk. I became different in certain ways — not a different person, but a more peaceful, less reactive version of myself.

Every aspect of my life has become more manageable and more enjoyable with my practice. Better yet, the changes that have come are naturally occurring consequences. Nothing is forced. I promise — meditation is easier than you think, folks. Don’t wait for a crisis to learn these simple, life-changing tools. Often times, people spin out their wheels before they realize it’s time to try a new approach.

Meditation is medicine for this cultural lie I mentioned earlier — the “more” lie. So if you’re curious at all about how to make your life easier, come to one of our free intro talks at the studio or schedule a 30-minute call with me. I am always happy to answer any questions. I share this practice because I care about spreading its benefits and shortening the learning curve. I wish I had found Vedic Meditation earlier in my life. I wish my life had gotten easier much earlier.

I still work in software development, live in New York City, manage a business, and am a mother to my two children. I still do all the things that pre-meditation me approached with anxiety and overwhelm. Now, I have the tools I need to drop the stress. It takes me only a few moments now to drop into this reliable practice anytime, anywhere.

Easy does it.