Feeling Unsettled? So Am I.


This isn’t surprising, given what we’re seeing with the Kavanaugh hearings and the effect it’s having on the collective.

This is an unsettled, and therefore unsettling, time.

As meditators, we’re in the business of re-sensitizing and refining our nervous systems, in part so that we may have an experiential awareness of our connection to the collective.

And this means that when the collective is unsettled, we may be more acutely aware of it in ourselves, particularly in comparison with the relative stability to which we have become accustomed (or perhaps in comparison with the notion that, as meditators, we should be able to weather every storm unruffled).

It’s fine to feel unsettled, whether in our meditations or out of them.

We are witnessing, and participating in, a shift in the collective. It’s observable in all parts of our society, but it’s especially apparent in the recent news and in our individual and collective responses to this news.

Systems and structures that are no longer relevant are being dismantled and new paradigms are being created.

And as these systems and structures approach their expiration dates, their irrelevance becomes clearer, and our aversion to them grows stronger.

This is evolution. Evolution is all that is ever happening, but this collective growth is sometimes uncomfortable and even painful.

We will weather this storm, perhaps a little ruffled, but better off — individually and collectively — for having gone through it.

And we always have our meditation, which not only builds resilience so we’re better able to find stability in the storm, but also reminds us of our connection to the collective. And by experiencing that connection, we can more easily find empathy for those in different stages of their own evolution.

So we make our practice non-negotiable, because stability and empathy are actually what the world needs the most right now.

And it’s through our daily practice that we can most readily observe, then understand, then trust, and ultimately find comfort in the fact that the universe is continually evolving toward its highest and most perfect self, and that we are simply along for the ride.

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