How to Ease the Fall Transition


It’s that special time again… the fleeting transition from one season to the next! It’s time to turn inward and take special care of your mind and body because a big shift is happening in nature and, consequently, in you.
In Ayurveda, summer is pitta season. Summer has a hot, sharp, oily quality. Fall, on the other hand, is vata season and it’s dominated by air and space. Fall is cool, dry, and windy.

What does this mean for your mind and body? Mentally, you might feel overwhelmed, like your mind is racing or you need to multi-task. Physically, you may feel run down, which is not to be ignored because we’re especially vulnerable to getting sick in-between seasons.

Thankfully, you can adjust your lifestyle slightly to counter the lightness and spaciness of the fall transition. In the next few weeks, try these six Ayurvedic tips to feel more physically and mentally grounded:

1. Exercise, but keep your feet on the ground with walking or weight-lifting. Avoid exercise that is too fast, amped-up, or jumpy. There’s already a lot of speed going on in our minds and bodies right now.

2. Prioritize wisely. As work and school ramp up, say yes only to the things that really matter, help move you forward, and give you the most joy. Saying no (or “not right now”) is a very powerful action that will help keep you feeling sane.

3. Get outside as much as possible before darkness and winter come around the corner! Try taking a sunset walk in your neighborhood. The setting sun can have a healing, calming effect, and walking is a grounding form of movement perfect for this time of year.

4. Use nourishing oils in your food and on your skin. Try jojoba oil on your face, almond or sesame oil on the rest of your body, and ghee in your food.

5. Transition your diet to include more grounding foods like root vegetables, squashes, and nuts. Favor warm, cooked foods and limit raw or dry foods (like crackers and chips).

6. Stick to a routine as best as you can. Try to sleep, wake up, and do your self-care practices (like meditation!) around the same time each day to keep yourself grounded.

We hope these simple tweaks help you enjoy all the beauty and activity that fall has to offer!