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Digital Well-Being

  • The Spring Meditation 146 6th Avenue, Studio 6E New York, NY 10013 USA (map)

It’s time to put technology in service of your best life. Join us for a seminar led by digital well-being expert and former Facebooker, Giancarlo Pitocco, that creates awareness of the influence technology has on you, explores practical methods for that will transform your relationship with your devices, and open you up to living life to your fullest potential.

You'll walk away with a clear understanding of how to cultivate a more balanced relationship with the tech in your life, and free yourself to live the life you’re mean to.

Group meditation included - all are welcome!

About the host:
Giancarlo Pitocco is a social impact entrepreneur, speaker, and facilitator who designs workshops that transform people's relationships to distractive technology.

Tapping into over 15 years of experience studying the influence of technology on our psychology, Giancarlo launched Purposeful, a digital well-being practice with a mission to liberate our creative intelligence from distractive technology.

Based in New York City, Giancarlo comes from a career working for Facebook, Instagram, Apple and the world’s largest ad agencies, but now he's working with leaders, educators, and communities to provide solutions to the public health crisis left in the wake of Silicon Valley’s “growth at all costs” mindset.

Learn more about attending his events or bringing his programs to your school or business by visiting