The Spring offers multiple sessions per week for new and experienced meditators.


New to meditation?

Join us for a free Intro Talk. The Intro Talk is an info session about how meditation dissolves stress and optimizes well-being. You'll also learn how Vedic Meditation differs from other forms of meditation and relaxation. No meditation experience is necessary. This is an opportunity to meet one of our teachers, get your questions answered, and learn something new.


Ready to learn Vedic Meditation?

Take our four-day course and learn to meditate self-sufficiently. After completing the course, you'll be set up to take your practice anywhere without needing an app, a guide, or a quiet sanctuary in order to meditate. New courses begin every Friday and Monday.


Already a Vedic meditator?

Come enjoy a free group dive with one of The Spring's teachers. Group Meditation is a low-key gathering where you can ask questions, hear more Vedic knowledge, and meditate in a group. Join us on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.


Want to deepen your meditation practice?

Each month, we teach a Rounding Workshop designed to bring deeper experiences in meditation and release long-held stresses from the nervous system. All graduates of the Vedic Meditation or Transcendental Meditation® courses are eligible to learn Rounding, a special sequence of gentle yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, and rest. This two-hour workshop provides detailed instruction and experience that will allow you to successfully integrate Rounding into your home practice.


Want to round more regularly? / Want to round with others? / Need a rounding review?

Join us for a Led Group Round each month following our Rounding Workshop. If you've already learned to round, you'll enjoy this opportunity to be guided through the sequence and experience the even deeper effects of rounding in a group.